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I’m a Software Architect with more than 15 years of experience creating high performance server and front-end applications targeting web and mobile platforms, & today I lead a team at Formidable Labs.



2009 Facebook Meme

This 2009 year-end recap has been going around Facebook this week, and I thought I’d go ahead fill out it. This has been a pretty eventful year, so this definitely doesn’t cover the half of it. I may post another entry soon, this time more blog-style, with a more detailed overview of the year for Barbara and I. In the meantime, though, here you go:

Song of the year
I usually listen to music by album, not by song, so it’s hard to pick a song of the year. I enjoyed Job for a Cowboy’s Ruination CD quite a bit, so I’ll pick one of the best songs from that CD to serve as song of the year - Psychological Immorality. The guitar riffs in the song are quite impressive, and it complements the complex drum work perfectly.
Movie of the year
District 9 is definitely the winner here. It really brought something new and meaningful to the sci-fi genre, and I can’t wait for the sequel. I also enjoyed Star Trek, Drag me to Hell, Coraline, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox this year. It was a good year for movies!
Person I met this year
I can’t narrow this down to 1 - I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the development and design team at! Chris, Kevin, Laura, and Robin are great people and I’m very lucky to be a part of a team this great.
Person that was always there for me this year
Barbara! She has supported me and encouraged me immensely over these past 2 years while I’ve devoted so much time and effort into developing my programming skills. There were many times when it looked like nothing would work out and the time I put in would be a waste, but her love and support were unwavering. I can’t thank her enough for that, and I praise God that He brought us together!
A ‘first time’ for the year
This year was the first time we’ve bought a new vehicle instead of a used one. So far, I’m very satisfied! Everything has worked perfectly with the car, it is a pleasure to drive, and it’s been every bit as reliable and convenient as we hoped it would be. This was also the first time we’ve been down to one car instead of owning two. That’s been quite difficult, but it certainly provided the savings and efficiency that we needed.
Holiday of the year
This Christmas has definitely been an amazing one! Having the blessing of Elliot to look forward to made this year’s Christmas more magical than ever. Thank you to everyone for your amazing generosity in giving little Elliot gifts before he has even joined us outside the womb!
Biggest Love of the year
Barbara is without a doubt the love of my life, and our relationship grows deeper by the day. I can’t imagine life without her!
Greatest change of the year
Making the switch from a massively corporate employer to a mid-size employer has definitely been a great change! Common sense is so much more prevalent in the environment I’m in now, and bloated bureaucracy is much more of a rarity. I really fit well in an environment where I can get down to business without all the corporate nonsense.
Hardest task of the year
Helping Barbara through the rough spots in her pregnancy. I felt so sorry for my sweetheart as she was constantly barraged by morning sickness and other pregnancy-related difficulties, and I can’t wait for her to begin recovery in 2010. :-)
Best trip of the year
The only trip of the year, really, was our trip to Shreveport for our baby shower with Barbara’s mother’s family. It was great to meet them, and was quite an enjoyable experience.
Funniest moment of the year
Laughing with Barbara while she experienced some of the hilarious pregnancy hormone highs! :-)
Concert of the year
I’ve been seriously out of touch this year, and didn’t make it to a single show. I’ll definitely change that in 2010.
Accomplishment of the year
Being able to shift into a full-time development role at a company that relies on my favorite programming language and web framework.
Unique event of the year
I have to agree with Barbara - the 3D ultrasound was a very unique experience, and one that we very much enjoyed.
Saddest moment of the year
Definitely our miscarriage.
Happiest moment of the year
I’d have to say the the happiest moment was when we were certain that we were not going to have the same tragic experience with Elliot. I was most definitely overjoyed when we progressed beyond the point that miscarriages typically happen.

I know that 2010 is going to hold a lot of surprises, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next. I hope everyone has a great New Year!

I’m a Software Architect with more than 15 years of experience creating high performance server and front-end applications targeting web and mobile platforms, & today I lead a team at Formidable Labs.

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