Brandon Konkle
Brandon Konkle

Software engineer, type system nerd, Rust explorer, Postgres fan, Linux enthusiast, supporter of social justice, loving husband and father, avid comic reader.

I’m a web application developer with nearly 15 years of experience creating high performance applications on the front & back end. I manage a team at Formidable Labs and help clients tackle big ideas.



Brandon Konkle

Hi! My name is Brandon Konkle.

I’m a web application developer with nearly 15 years of experience creating high performance web applications on the front and back end.

I enjoy focusing on interesting business challenges and innovative technology. I use tools like Rust and GraphQL to create effective and maintainable applications on the server and in the browser. I live with my wife and two kids near Denver, Colorado, very close to some of the most beautiful mountains and spectacular wildlife in America.

I got my first taste of the Web in the early 90s, and immediately wanted to be a part of creating it! I wrote HTML with Notepad and started making small sites of my own right away. Today, I’m even more excited about the Web as it has become an open application platform connecting diverse technologies and diverse people across the world no matter what kind of device they use!

I’ve worked with large enterprises, early-stage startups, and everything in between. I’ve done extensive remote work and have found great ways to effectively collaborate regardless of location. I’ve also spent plenty of time in creative offices and worked with blended teams. I’ve helped teams re-write legacy applications, start greenfield development from scratch, and solve difficult challenges with existing codebases. I’ve been a part of core hiring teams and helped establish well-balanced evaluation processes to identify capable candidates.

Today I’m an Engineering Manager at Formidable Labs working with innovative teams to help them create engaging, maintainable, high-performance software and deploy efficient, maintainable code.