Brandon Konkle
Brandon Konkle

Freelance full-stack Node & React developer, supporter of intersectional social justice, enthusiastic nerd, loving husband, and father. Hire me for your next project!

I'm a Node & React developer with more than 8 years of experience creating high performance web applications and architectures. If you're looking for help with your next project, hire me today!

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Brandon Konkle

Hi! My name is Brandon Konkle.

I'm a web application developer with more than 8 years of experience creating high performance web applications.

Brandon KonkleBrandon Konkle

I enjoy focusing on interesting business challenges and innovative technology. I use tools like Node and React to create effective and maintainable applications on the server and in the browser.

I got my first taste of the Web in the early 90s and I immediately wanted to be a part of creating it. I learned HTML in Notepad and started making small sites of my own right away. Today I'm even more excited about the Web as the browser has truly become an open application platform connecting diverse technologies and diverse people across the world.

I previously specialized in server-side development with Python and the Django web framework. I worked with Lincoln Loop, a team of consultants distributed across the globe. Over time, however, I discovered my true passion on the front end. With the impressive capabilities of modern browsers we can now break out of the server-side request/response cycle and deliver a responsive, high performance, cross-platform experience that can truly rival native applications.

Today I'm a freelance web developer working with innovative teams to help them create engaging and usable web applications and deploy efficient, maintainable code. If you're looking for help writing high-quality, high-performance applications on the server or in the browser, head over to my Hire me! page and take a look!

You can find me on Twitter as @bkonkle, on Github as bkonkle, or on Facebook as brandon.konkle. I also frequent great Slack communities like Reactiflux, Denver Devs, and TechFriends.