Brandon Konkle
Brandon Konkle

Software Architect at Community Funded, GraphQL/Node/React developer, TypeScript nerd, Linux enthusiast, supporter of social justice, loving husband & dad.

I'm a Node & React developer with more than a decade of experience creating high performance web applications and architectures. If you're looking for help with your next project, hire me today!



Brandon Konkle

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Brandon KonkleBrandon Konkle

I’m available for full or part-time consulting and contract development  work. If you’re building web or mobile applications using JavaScript and  Node, I can help!

I’ve been developing maintainable, usable, high-performance web  applications for over a decade. I have extensive experience with tools  like GraphQL, TypeScript, React, Node, SQL, Linux, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Git, and more.

I can help you evaluate your needs and assemble an effective architecture, solve difficult challenges and overcome roadblocks, establish healthy patterns and guides to help your team succeed long-term, and advise and train team members on innovative tools and techniques.

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Software Architect - Community Funded

2018 - Present

Community Funded is an embeddable crowdfunding platform helping large organizations leverage their own audience to deliver compelling online giving experiences. I lead architecture across the FE with React, the API with Apollo & GraphQL, and DevOps with Terraform & AWS. I work closely with Product to guide technical approaches and directly implement features & deployments across the stack. I also participate in recruitment, and coach & train new team members.

Founder/Principal Engineer - Ecliptic

2016 to 2018

I started Ecliptic because I wanted to partner with innovative startups to build effective interfaces, helping engineering teams meet ambitious goals and deliver exceptional, scalable experiences. I worked with clients like Craftsy, Guild Education, and Autopay.

Senior Front End Engineer - Craftsy

2014 - 2016

I helped Craftsy re-launch their highly successful online crafting community with a component-driven server rendered front end based on React and React Native, coordinating with a micoservice Java architecture. I also managed direct reports, delivered training and coaching, and participated in the core recruitment team.

Developer - Lincoln Loop

2011 - 2014

I worked with a distributed team using Python and JS to write efficient server applications, create rich front end components, and handle deployment and config management. Projects included sites like, GamesRadar, and Evite Postmark.

Developer - Panlocal Media


I worked on Pegasus News, an early “hyperlocal news” pioneer. I moved them to a multi-tenant structure, built a contributor platform, and developed a local offers section. I used Django & PostgreSQL, and managed a high performance deployment on a small colo cluster.

Associate Software Engineer - Fidelity Investments

2008 - 2009

I handled support and maintenance for mutual fund pricing and cash management systems built on Solaris using perl, ksh, and Java with Sybase and Oracle databases.


Preferred Tools and Techniques

I've worked within a variety of project workflows, but I strongly prefer agile-influenced methods. I value quick, collaborative iterations that can easily change course as we learn more about the problems we're solving together.

Thanks for your interest!


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