Brandon Konkle
Brandon Konkle

Freelance full-stack Node & React developer, supporter of intersectional social justice, enthusiastic nerd, loving husband, and father. Hire me for your next project!

I'm a Node & React developer with more than 8 years of experience creating high performance web applications and architectures. If you're looking for help with your next project, hire me today!

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Brandon Konkle

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I can help your team develop high-quality, performant, maintainable web applications with Node & React.

Brandon KonkleBrandon Konkle

I'm a web application developer with more than 8 years of experience creating high performance web applications. I use Node and JavaScript to craft effective and maintainable applications on the server and in the browser. I believe in taking the time to write well-tested, documented, secure, and efficient code that is easy to extend and maintain long term.

Though JavaScript is my specialty I also have extensive experience in Python, as well as experience configuring and managing small to medium sized deployments. I'm also exploring new possibilities in applying functional programming and expressive typing to the JavaScript stack using languages like PureScript and Elm.

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Selected Projects

Craftsy -

As a Senior Engineer on Craftsy's front end team, I introduced new tools and techniques that transformed the front end architecture. This led to a complete migration from classic JSP's and jQuery manipulations to a component-driven application structure using React and React Native, including features like server rendering, one-way data flow, and easy interaction with our new Java microservices platform. Client devices such as web or mobile share the majority of the business logic and API interaction in a single codebase, leaving just the presentation code to implement for each device.

Brainspace Discovery -

I worked with Brainspace to move their Rails-driven single page application to a fully client-side architecture that interacts directly with the Java platform layer. -

The Smithsonian team wanted to move away from a proprietary content management system so that they could take full control of their content and presentation. I helped them through the entire process as part of the team at Lincoln Loop, including migrating a massive amount of legacy content dating back to the 90s using a distributed multi-process CLI tool. I also helped develop the server-side application, client-side components, and a sophisticated Rackspace deployment driven by automated configuration management.

Evite Postmark -

I helped Evite build a premium invitation and greeting card application built with Backbone.js & Django and hosted on Google's App Engine. We implemented highly interactive client-side features, a stable backend platform, and a decoupled payment management system that the main Evite platform could also make use of.


Senior Front End Engineer - Craftsy
June 2014 - October 2015, February 2016 - Present

I work as a Senior Engineer for the front end team at Craftsy. I'm helping them re-launch their highly successful online crafting community with a component-driven application architecture based on React and React Native. I helped implement "core-js", which allows client devices such as the web or mobile to share the majority of the business logic and API interaction in a single codebase, leading to great productivity gains. I also managed direct reports during a portion of my time with Craftsy, helping guide performance and professional development.

Developer - Brainspace
October 2015 - February 2016

I was a part of the UI team for Brainspace Discovery, a natural language processing and machine learning application for text analytics over huge unstructured data sets. I rebuilt their single page application structure for Discovery around React, Redux, CSS Modules, Mocha, and Webpack hot reloading in development. I also worked to advocate test driven development and functional programming, introducing new concepts and tools to make it easier to take advantage of these techniques.

Developer - Lincoln Loop
December, 2010 - June, 2014

I worked with a distributed team of developers to create performant and maintainable web applications with the Django web framework. I wrote efficient server applications, created rich front end components, and handled deployment and configuration management. My projects included high traffic content sites like, National Geographic Events, and GamesRadar; and dynamic web applications like Ginger and Evite Postmark.

Developer - Pegasus News
December, 2009 - December, 2010

I worked on Pegasus News, an early “hyperlocal news” pioneer. I moved them from a single-site structure to one that could support many sites, built a contributor platform for freelancers, and developed a deals section for offers from local businesses. I used Django with PostgreSQL, and managed a high performance deployment on a small colo cluster.

Associate Software Engineer - Fidelity Investments
December, 2008 - December, 2009

I handled support and maintenance for mutual fund pricing and cash management systems built on Solaris using perl, ksh, and Java with Sybase and Oracle databases.


Preferred Tools and Techniques

I've worked within a variety of project workflows, but I strongly prefer agile-influenced methods. I value quick, collaborative iterations that can easily change course as we learn more about the problems we're solving together.

Thanks for your interest!


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